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Progesterone Cream Many Benefits in Women Menopause

The women’s reproductive cycle are regulated due to the hormone progesterone, which are produced by the ovaries. For the healthy life, there is the need of proper ratios of all hormones with each other. But as women reaches to the age of entering in to perimenopause and menopause, the level of progesterone start reducing dramatically followed by zero production. This can create great imbalance in the hormonal level and since it is the precursor for many other hormones like estrogen and androgen, the menopause women have to face many health related problems.

Menopause Progesterone Deficiency

The deficiency of progesterone can affect the women’s health in many ways. The major problem created due to low levels of progesterone is estrogen dominance. In the estrogen dominance, the estrogen level is very high compare to the progesterone level, which creates imbalance in the ratio of two hormones. Thus, the excess of estrogen level in the body can increase the risk of breast cancer, endometriosis, ovary cancer, etc, which can be prevented only if there is proper level of progesterone against the estrogen. Thus progesterone plays important role in the immunity of the body by protecting against many cancers.

Since the progesterone is also responsible for the estrogen and testosterone production, there is insufficient production of the estrogen in the body, when the progesterone levels are low in the body. This can lead to many menopause symptoms like hair fall, skin ageing, hot flash, etc. Thus the cause of major menopause symptoms is actually the deficiency of the progesterone rather than the estrogen.

Progesterone is also responsible for the production of happy hormone serotonin in the body. Thus low levels of progesterone means low level of serotonin and thus the menopause women suffers from frequent mood swings, sadness and gradually to the depression.

Insomnia is also the common problem faced during menopause, which can also be caused due to low levels of progesterone. The lack of deep sleep will ultimately affect the person’s working capability and thus affecting daily activity.

Progesterone is also linked with the pain relieving hormones endorphins. As the level of progesterone decreases, it also affects the activity of the pain reliever hormones which fails to inhibit the pain signals. Thus deficiency of the progesterone can lead to headache, muscle weakness, joint pains, etc

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Due to the deficiency of the progesterone, there is also the chance of vaginal infection or dryness. This can lead to itchiness, burning sensation in the vagina and will face great trouble during the intercourse. The progesterone cream can help to moisturize the vaginal area.

The menopause women are more prone to the osteoporosis, where the bones start getting fragile and can fracture very easily. Due to low levels of progesterone during menopause, the women start reducing the bone density constantly even after the menopause. The best progesterone cream for menopause can restore the progesterone levels and has also seen the increase bone density due to it. The backache is also due to the loss of bone mass.

Thus, being very crucial hormone for the women’s body, the progesterone hormone should always be in the proper levels in the body.

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