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Natural Progesterone Supplements For Hormonal Imbalance & Menopause Symptoms

Progesterone is the reproductive hormone, which is produced by the ovaries and regulates the menstrual cycle. During the menopause period, when women stop menstruating, the levels of progesterone decreases up to great extend, sometime to nil. This deficiency of progesterone in the body can make women to suffer from many menopause symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, hot flashes, estrogen dominance, vaginal dryness thus upsetting sex life, and many more. Thus progesterone supplements can be use to overcome the menopause symptoms caused due to deficiency of progesterone. The different forms of progesterone and approaches can be used to supplement progesterone in the body.

Natural progesterone and synthetic progesterone are used for treating the menopause symptoms. Natural progesterone is also considered as the bio identical molecule, because it resembles to the body’s natural progesterone molecular structure. It is derived from the Mexican yam and can effectively use to supplement progesterone in the body in case of any deficiency. On the other side, the synthetic progesterone is formed by the different chemical composition, which has different molecular structure than the body’s progesterone, but there is wide use of this type of progesterone too. This type of progesterone has many side effects and can or cannot act as the body’s progesterone depending on the body’s respond to the synthetic hormone.

The progesterone supplements are used in the hormonal replacement therapy, which is given to the menopause women to treat the imbalance of the hormones and related other menopause symptom. Progesterone is given in this therapy just to nullify the action of excess estrogen, which can lead to uterine cancer, breast cancer or ovary cancer, etc. Thus progesterone acts as the defensive system against many types of cancer. These progesterone supplements come in many forms like pills, capsules, cream and gel, but recently doctors are also seen using the progesterone injection.

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The pills also come in the form of micronized natural progesterone, which is also taken as the pill with the water. This micronized progesterone is basically used to treat the hot flash, insomnia and osteoporosis. The dose of 300 mg per day is acceptable.

The other approach is the progesterone cream, which also comes with the natural progesterone. This cream can be applied on the different body sites like face, neck, stomach, thighs, etc, where it is absorbed through the skin and get enter in to the bloodstream, where it activates the production channel without affecting the liver and digestive tract. The creams can also be applied intravaginal to reduce the vaginal dryness. This has been proved to be very effective, convenient and safe form of progesterone for relieving the menopause symptoms.

The injectible progesterone is injected deep into the muscle and is given along with some oil. This injection can be taken daily with certain fixed concentration.

The capsule and gel forms are also used but are not usually preferred by the menopause women. Some other form of progesterone known as the under the tongue progesterone are much in use nowadays. It comes in the tablet forms and dissolves very quickly, when kept under tongue. The doctor’s study says this approach as the best for progesterone supplement without any side effects and easy delivery into the bloodstream.

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