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10 Signs of Menopause
10 Signs of Menopause

Menopause is the point in a woman’s life when she is moving towards permanent infertility. This is a natural step in the woman’s life and it is best to be aware of such transitions and their symptoms. Women can have menopause at different ages, usually in their mid-40s. However, some can have menopause even in their mid-30s. In the UK, the average menopause age is 50.

This happens due to the uneven distribution of estrogen – mainly because of its rise and fall. So what are some of the symptoms of menopause?

Symptoms of Menopause

1. Irregular Periods

The first sign is that your periods are irregular – or in some cases, regular. If you are a woman who has been having irregular periods during her fertile years, towards the end you may have regular periods. If you have been having regular periods, then you will notice that your periods have slowly reduced or the gap between them has increased. Both of these things indicate that there is something wrong with your hormones.

2. Hot FlashesBest Menopausal Symptom Relief – Estriol Oil

Hot flashes are common to experience during menopause. Hot flashes are nothing but feeling hot and sweaty all of a sudden. If you are of the menopausal age and you feel this way then it may be the beginning of menopause. Experience relief from hot flashes with the help of Menopause Complex.

3. Gaining Weight Easily

Some women notice that their body shape changes. If you were pear-shaped earlier you tend to become apple-shaped. Also, weight gaining is easier when you have hit menopause.

4. Becoming Too Moody or Easily Imbalanced

You are feeling mood swings. At one time you are all quiet and happy; another time you are sobbing into the pillows – and you don’t even have any explanation for this weird behavior.

5. Urine Infections

Urinary infections are common among women who are going through menopause. It can first happen during perimenopause and then increase in frequency. If there is pain or discomfort, consult your doctor immediately.

6. Aches and Pains

During the menopause, women report aches and pains in all parts of their bodies. When estrogen decreases, the body is unable to replace bones effectively. This is why the bones in your body feel much stressed and cause aches.

7. Loss of Libido

As fertility drops, so does the need to be able to procreate – therefore, there is a very scientific reason behind the loss of libido in women. However, many women are free of this problem.

8. Vaginal Dryness

There’s a vaginal dryness too that is noticeable. Some women may find it uncomfortable, while many women only notice it during intercourse. Also, the length of arousal time increases with age.

9. Chest Pain

Many women report a mysterious chest pain during menopause. This is because as the estrogen decreases, sugar level in the body increases. This puts you at the risk of heart diseases as the blood vessels clog.

10. Problems Conceiving

If you are in your late thirties or early 40s and having problems conceiving, then you should consult your doctor.

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