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Menopausal Weight Gain: How To Bring Your Body Back

As is the case with majority of the elderly ladies when most people consider menopause, what automatically comes to mind are mood swings and hot flashes. While a drop in estrogen, which happens amid menopause, surely causes these side effects, another eminent change numerous ladies experience as they go through the life changing process is weight gain.

What Causes Weight Gain During Menopause?

1. Drop in Estrogen Levels

Studies carried out on animals indicate that estrogen seems to control body weight. With lower estrogen levels, animals have a tendency to eat much more and be less physically dynamic. Lessened estrogen levels have been known to likewise bring down the metabolism rate. While these are studies carried out on animals, it is conceivable that the same thing happens with ladies. Estrogen hormone treatments usually builds a lady’s resting metabolic rate. While this may moderate weight gain, lack of its use will mean that weight gain continues. Absence of estrogen also makes the body to make use of less starch and glucose, which increases the storage of fat and make it an uphill task to lose weight.

2. Lack of Exercise

As you age, you are less likely to be as active in carrying out your usual physical activities as well as exercising as you used to be leading to weight gain.

3. The Loss of Muscle Tissue that comes with Age

Weight gain often exposes the individual to conditions and diseases such as, heart disease, diabetes, depression and breast cancer.

How to Effectively Deal with Menopause and Weight Gain

1. Diet

Finding the right diet during menopause or before it sets off is imperative if you want to keep your weight in check. A low calorie diet but one that is full of fiber would be a good place to begin. Ensuring that you consume foods that are full of healthy fat such as salmon also helps. A diet that is high on carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables is most ideal. Soy has been said to have plant estrogens that could work to keep menopause symptoms such as weight gain at bay. Make sure that you avoid crash diets, processed foods, as well as foods with higher amounts of sugar.

2. Exercise

The rule of exercising is very easy; more dynamic you are, the less weight you are likely to gain. Exercising while you are in the course of losing and also after you have lost it is the key to ensuring that you maintain your weight. Setting aside some minutes to carry out aerobic exercises such as walking, dancing, cycling and playing games such as tennis will help you shed and maintain the right weight.

Performing exercises that will aid in muscle strengthening will also help reduce loss of muscle tissues. Simply lift light weights to maintain and tone the muscles.

Final thoughts

You do not have to dread menopause and weight gain. Weight can also be shed without use of drugs. Use these simple natural methods to keep your weight in check.

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