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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women During Menopause
How To Combat Hair Loss In Women During Menopause

Menopause period is a tough phase in every woman’s life because the menopause phase brings many other problems along with it, like hair fall. Yes, it is true that some women experience great hair loss at the time around menopause and it is very depressing as hair is the important element of the women’s body that reflects their beauty. Some women mistakenly consider it as the hair fall due to age rather than the menopause, which then becomes very late for the treatment. Thus, there are many underlying reasons that can cause hair loss during the menopause phase.

The first and foremost reason for the menopause hair loss is the hormonal imbalance around the menopause period. The estrogen hormone helps to keep the hair follicles healthy and in the growing phase, resulting in thicker hair. But as the level of estrogen starts decreasing in women who are about to enter the menopausal period, the hair becomes thinner and breaks off easily. Another hormone responsible for hair fall in menopause is androgen, which is inversely proportional to estrogen. Thus, there is an increase in androgen level in the body with the decrease in estrogen level, and the increased level of androgen will lead it to bind itself to hair follicles and bring the cells to the death phase, causing heavy hair fall. Even the new hair will be much thinner than the normal and gradually stop growing. Thus, the levels of two hormones in the body play an important role in hair loss.

Though the disproportion of hormones is the strong reason, other factors can also affect hair loss during menopause. Those are psychological factors like emotional stress, depression, or any kind of other illness that can also highly affect hair loss during menopause. The intake of unhealthy food like lack of sufficient iron, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients can also lead to menopause hair loss. Thus, women should take great care of their hair as they reach near to menopause and can combat hair fall by using a different approach to treatment.

The first treatment is hormonal replacement therapy, which corrects the hormonal disturbance in the body. It can help to maintain a sufficient level of estrogen during the menopause period. One can also go for hair transplant surgery, which is usually very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Another easy and without side effect remedy is by making changes in one’s lifestyle like taking a proper diet that includes high protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. that promotes hair growth. Along with healthy food and regular exercise, relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can also bring great benefits during menopause. One more remedy that people find very beneficial is herbal remedies like herbal oil massaging on the scalp, which helps to regenerate hair follicles. Acupuncture technique is also helpful. Some hormone-regulating herbs are also used for the management, which works as hormone replacement therapy. Such an alternative is without any side effects and can maintain the balance of estrogen and testosterone in the body and combat menopausal hair loss.

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