Hormones and Menopause

Before delving into the topic of hormones and menopause, let me begin by saying that doctors are always changing their minds about what works and what doesn’t work. First they say one thing, and then they say another. Perhaps that is where the word/name “practitioners” stems from – the fact that doctors are simply “practicing” medicine as they have yet to truly “learn” it. That being said, the one thing that doctors seem to agree on today is that hormones and menopause go hand and hand.

Hormones, themselves, are powerful, interactive chemicals that affect many parts of the body. And, as we age and begin menopause, they tend to fluctuate and imbalances of one or the other occur. The bottom line is that you can’t ignore hormones and menopause any more than you can ignore the fact that the sun is going to set today. You need to address the changes that are occurring in your body in order to be able to protect yourself from unwanted symptoms.

Hormones and Menopause and Natural Solutions

As doctors continue to practice medicine, more and more are finding that what once was believed as not being beneficial, could in fact, be quite beneficial, including natural solutions such as natural hormonal creams. There has been much controversy regarding hormone therapy because of the risks associated with various aspects of it, but more doctors today are agreeing that not everyone is susceptible to those risks and, in some cases, the benefits far outweigh the risks themselves.

Natural hormone solutions can help ease many menopause symptoms. Many women have found that with the use of natural transdermal hormone creams such as MenoBalance, they are able to alleviate many of the symptoms associated with menopause. However, it not only is important to discuss with your doctor the benefits of using a natural progesterone cream such as MenoBalance as a menopause treatment option, but also the benefits of using other natural transdermal creams. MenoBalance is a top quality natural progesterone cream that contains a very concentrated blend of ingredients that consist of natural progesterone USP. It contains Aloe Vera Oil, Carrot Oil, Lemon Grass Oil, as well as other natural ingredients.

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Please note that it is not recommended, by leading doctors,  to use Estriol Oil or Creme without balancing with progesterone. Estriol is the safest of the E3s but one should still used balanced approaches to hormonal health.

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As with any health decisions, check with your personal healthcare provider when starting something new.  These statements are for education purposes only and do not claim to treat, cure or diagnose disease.