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Benefits of Estriol in Menopause Symptoms
Benefits of Estriol in Menopause Symptoms

Estriol is often said to be the safest estrogen. Despite this, many women might be hearing about estriol for the first time. As we all know, hormones are produced inside the brain, but estriol is the only type of hormone that is produced inside the ovaries in females. It has been used in hormone replacement therapy in Europe for decades. It acts as a good source of hormone-balancing agents for women going through menopause as well.

Menopause and Estriol effects haven’t been tested. Although we know that estriol is the hormone found during pregnancy in women. Despite its usage in other places around the world, it has not been used in the US because the pharmaceutical industry is not interested in the usage of non-patented medicine there.

Estriol Protects Against Uterus Cancer

It is true that there are many uses for estriol, but one of its most severe impacts is on the uterus. As already mentioned, it is produced in the ovaries. Hence, it has a direct relation with the uterus. It helps keep your uterus healthy. According to the Journal of the American Medicine Association, “Estriol offers a nontoxic, physiologic antagonist for ovarian estrogens, inducing little or no endometrial proliferation in postmenopausal women, which together with progesterone might simulate the protective effect of pregnancy upon subsequent breast cancer risk.” This also means that estriol also helps in reducing the causes of breast cancer.

Estriol Oil Benefits WFP Infographics

Menopause and estriol have often been connected, as it has been seen that estriol really helps in getting rid of menopause-related diseases. Yes, it is often seen that breast cancer occurs in women who have just hit menopause.

Menopause and Estriol: Controls Skin Aging

One of the things that women have to deal with post-menopause is skin aging. This is an inevitable reaction to having the periods stop. You will notice your skin starting to sag and have creases. This can be stopped and reversed with estriol to a great extent. Estrogen is important for maintaining the structural proteins and the elasticity of the skin. This is why when estrogen production is disrupted due to some reason you see skin collapsing and all of these symptoms occurring within your body.

According to a study conducted in the 1990s, estriol, when directly applied to the skin, has a lot of skin benefits. It can be applied directly as a cream. It will then reduce skin aging and even completely remove wrinkles in a lot of cases. Women who have just hit menopause might see estriol as one of the miracle drugs that will add to their beauty.

How to Apply Estriol?

Usually, it is applied on the face directly. The typical dosage includes taking 2 to 5 mg of it daily. Only ½ or 1 mg of estriol daily is consumed by your body because the rest gets broken down by the liver. Also, there is no blood clotting issue associated with the consumption of estriol.

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